Fukra Insaan (Abhishek Malhan) Age, Biography, Height, Real Name, Net Worth, Phone Number, Brother, Sister, Mother, Father, Business, Brand Name, Family Net Worth & More

Friends, In this post we will share with you the full biography Fukra Insaan. You will know all about Fukra Insaan. He is Youtube Star from India. Fukra makes funny and challenging videos. So, read the bio article to know full information about Fukra Insaan.

Fukra insaan Biography

Fukra Insaan’s real name is Abhishek Malhan. Abhishek Malhan is Born on 24 May 1997. Fukra Insaan Age is over 25 as of 2022. His Nationality is India. Fukra Insaan home town in Delhi. His Religion is Hinduism.

Fukra Insaan completed his school studies at Lancer Convent School, Delhi. He completed his college study at Delhi College of Arts and Commerce and Graduate in Commerce.

He is a Businessman and YouTuber. Fukra Insaan started his youtube channel in 2019. In Just a short spend of time Fukra Insaan has grown his Youtube channel to 5 million Plus Subscribers.

Fukra Insaan Wiki

Nick Name Fukra insaan
Real name Abhishek malhan
Age 25 years
Profession YouTube and Businessman 
Birth Date May 24, 1997
Home Town Delhi
Nationality Indian
Birth Place Delhi
Religion Hindu

Fukra Insaan YouTube

Fukra Insaan started creating content on YouTube back in June 15, 2019. Since then, Fukra Insaan channel has grown tremendously. He currently has a subscriber count of over 5 Million and has over 600 million views combined. He has so far uploaded a total of 200 videos on his channel.

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Fukra Insaan Instagram

Fukra Insaan has over 800K plus followers in his Instagram account and he has made more than 500 plus posts. He follows more than 250 plus People. Fukra Insaan Instagram account is not verified yet.

Fukra Insaan Net Worth

Fukra Insaan makes more than 1 crore to 1.2 crores from his Youtube from Ads and Branding. We have estimated this earnings from Social Blade. But we can’t give you the exact same earnings of Fukra Insaan because it’s not possible to find the earnings.

Fukra Insaan Height and


Fukra Insaan height is 6 feet 2 inches,187 cm. Furkra Insaan weight is 72 Kg, 158 pounds. His weist is 30. Fukra Insaan eye color and heir color is black.

Fukra insaan Girlfriend

Fukra Insaan is not married yet and he has not shared information about his girlfriend yet. So, now we can tell that fukra insaan is single. Fukra Insaan crush is Disha Patani.

Fukra Insaan Phone Number

Fukra Insaan phone number is not on Internet and sharing others phone numbers is not illegal.

Fukra Insaan Address

Fukra Insaan full address is not known on the internet. But we known that Fukra Insaan lives in Dhali.

Fukra Insaan Insaan Brother

Fukra Insaan brother name is Nischay Malhan and also known as Triggered Insaan. Nischay Malhan age is 26. His brother is also a YouTuber. Triggered Insaan was over 14 million plus subscribers.

Fukra Insaan Insaan Sister

Fukra Insaan Sister name is Prerna Malhan and also known as Wanderers Hub. Prerna Malhan age is 31. His Sister is also a YouTuber. Wanderers Hub was over 5 million plus subscribers.

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Fukra Insaan Insaan Mother

Fukra Insaan Mother name is Dimple malhan and also known as Dimple Kitchen. Dimple Malhan age is 50. His mother is also a YouTuber. Dimple Kitchen was over 1 million plus subscribers.

Fukra Insaan Insaan Father

Fukra Insaan father name is Vinay Malhan. Vinay Malhan age is 55.

Fukra Insaan Business

Fukra Insaan is a full time Youtuber. We have heard that he is planning to open his own company. But we don’t have the clare information about It.

Fukra Insaan Crush

Fukra Insaan Crush is Disha Patani. In one of his video Fukra Insaan shared his crush name.

Most Sherch Questions About Fukra Insaan

Is Fukra Insaan Married?

Ans: No.

Is Fukra Insaan Vegetarian?

Ans: No.
Is Fukra insaan Punjabi?

Ans: Yes.
Is Fukra insaan Overrated?

Ans: No.
Is Fukra Insaan Non Vegetarian?

Ans: Yes.
Is Fukra Insaan Indian Mr Beast
Ans: Yes he is known as Indian Mr Beast because of his money challenge video.

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