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Gröûp X (also known as Gröûp X – Arabian Rap Sensation) is a false Arabic rock band, claiming to be from the fictional village of Kramshanantin in Saudi Arabia; however, they are originally from Georgia, USA. They play a mix of rap and rock. They are ridiculously pronounced and use mangled English.


  • 40 oz. Slushie (1998)
  • Stepping on the Crowtche of Your Americain President (2000)
  • The Return of Peppermaint Joe (2018)


  • Hashmeer Shashmeer: Rifleman
  • Blade Razorr: Weapons specialist explosives expert
  • Rex Wif Da Machine: Heavy machine gunner
  • White Chocolate: Guest rapper, beatboxer and backing vocals (the only one claiming to be a “white / American” character)
Post-Hashmeer period:
  • Blade Razorr: Lead vocals, prank calls.
  • Rowbby the Sheeth: Bass
  • Rex Wif Da Machine: Drums, backing vocals
  • Flat-Eyed Tony: Keyboard

Common venues

Gröûp X occasionally played live shows at Marietta, Georgia’s Suez Venue [4] but did not attend the venue for some time.
In April 2008, they headlined the concert at ROFLCon with internet stars Leslie Hall, Lemon Damon, Trocadero and Danny Blaze. There was Ben Romans (from Click Five) in the Kitare group.

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